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Deleting Pdf Blank Pages

Deleting blank pages from scanned pdf document is now very using AxpertSoft Pdf Page Remover tool
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8 May 2014

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This is a tool that helps remove blank pages from PDF documents.

This tool can remove blank pages from large PDF documents automatically. Removing these manually could be tedious. Typically, doing this manually would mean opening one document, checking through it and removing the pages and then taking up the next one. This tool provides a batch interface and helps remove pages from a bunch of these documents at one time. The program will provide a report of the pages that have been removed. How the tool detects a blank page is by checking through a page, pixel by pixel and detect if there are any pixels on a page that look like some content. On a blank page, typically, there will be a few isolate exposed pixels. To avoid too many false positives, one could set a threshold of how many detected pixels would still mean a blank page.

You would be able to define page margins so that perforations on documents that have been spiral bound would not be detected as non-blank pages. Page ranges could be specified besides single pages, odd and even pages, etc. To make scanning based document creation processes, this tool can handle scanning and blank removing in the same process. This is a Windows compatible tool. This has a simple and easy to use interface. It is intuitive enough that most users should get familiar with it quite easily. Getting productive with it should not take much time. This is a good product. It has many useful features. If you were looking for a product like this, this is one you could try out.

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Deleting blank pages from scanned pdf document is now very using AxpertSoft Pdf Page Remover tool. Tool quickly scans complete document pages one by one and sorts out the blank pages based on specified criteria. AxpertSoft Pdf page remover is completely standalone and graphical interface tool; needs few basic settings before starting detection of blank pages. No user interference is needed during the blank page search process as complete process is automatic. It requires defining a tolerance value for a blank page to mark all other suspected page as blank. If the value of a page result is more than the tolerance value, it will not be treated as blank pages. So it is mandatory to specify a correct tolerance value using page preview panel. Free valuation version of pdf blank page remover is available to download and tryout free of cost. Tool is made compatible to run on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 operating system. AxpertSoft pdf blank page remover is easy to use and user friendly desktop application, supports secure and password protected pdf files. Tool generates a log file of whole process of page detection and removal. Report shows the total number of deleted pages and page numbers.
Deleting Pdf Blank Pages
Deleting Pdf Blank Pages
Version 1.4.4
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